Pets are more than just companion animals; they are a part of your family. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, residents trust us to care for their pets as if they were our own. As a full-service animal hospital, we offer a wide variety of services, including the following: 

Pet service

Genetic Testing

You don't always know what health problems your pet's ancestors have suffered from. Accordingly, it's often difficult to anticipate what type of medical issues you may face down the road. Genetic testing can help fill in the gaps and alleviate any fears you may have about the unexpected. It's also a useful tool in determining which preventative care is best for your companion animal.

Pet Dentistry

Good oral health is essential to your pet's overall well-being. Routine dental care can prevent a host of problems that might greatly affect the quality of life. But if your pet is already experiencing swollen gums or abscessed teeth, we can typically resolve those issues as well.

Senior Pet Care

As with humans, animals face special challenges as they age. Accordingly, we offer solutions to ensure your pet has the longest and best quality of life possible. Whether it's lab work or a more comprehensive medical exam, we'll provide your companion animal with excellent care so that the two of you can make the most of whatever time remains.

Exotic Animal Care

Does your extended family include reptiles or other exotics? If so, knowing there's someone locally who can provide them with excellent care is a great source of comfort. Here at All Creatures Animal Hospital, our vet practice isn't limited to just dogs and cats. In fact, our experienced veterinarians are honored to serve exotic animal owners with wellness exams, acute medical services, and more.

Pet Medical Services

Urgent health issues can strike your pet without warning, and when they do, All Creatures Animal Hospital will be here to provide excellent care. Whether your animal is experiencing a sudden illness or you are looking for preventative care, we offer a wide range of vet services to meet your needs, including:

- Pet diagnostics

- Lab work

- Vaccinations

- Spay and neuter services

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Whatever your pet care needs are, you can be sure that All Creatures Animal Hospital can meet your requirements. We're proud to serve residents in and around Granbury and invite you to contact us at (817) 326-6262 if we can assist your furry friend in any way.

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