Pet Surgery

We at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX, proudly offer surgical care for your pets. We believe in providing the appropriate vet care service for your pet. Whether you’re coming in for a routine spaying or neutering procedure or for a more complex procedure, know that your pet is our highest priority. From anesthesia protocols to recovery, we are here to help you as your surgical vet. 

pet surgery

Veterinarian Anesthesia Protocols

Human doctors have to be considerate when applying anesthesia. An expert has to be on hand to ensure proper dosage for issues like weight and blood pressure. A vet is no different.. A veterinarian on our team has to adjust to the different needs of different kinds of pets.

Surgical procedures often require anesthesia to keep your pet safe. Although it may be scary to have your pet go under anesthesia, it ultimately will keep him safer than he would be without it.

Different Types of Surgical Vet Service

The most common surgical procedure a veterinarian on our team will recommend is spaying and neutering your dog or cat. Spaying and neutering animals help prevent strays and overflow in shelters. It also helps manage behavioral issues in certain animals. If you have a pet who hasn’t been spayed or neutered, scheduling an appointment can be important. However, spaying and neutering isn’t the only type of pet surgery:

-  Soft Tissue Surgery

-  Cesarean Section

-  Declaw

-  Enucleation (eye removal)

-  Foreign Body Removal

-  Hernia Repair

-  Laceration Repair

-  Mass Removal

-  Amputation

Get Pet Anesthesia from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

Get Your pet the surgical care he needs. Every vet with us at All Creatures Animal Hospital is dedicated to keeping your pet happy and healthy. If your pet needs to be spayed or neutered or is experiencing discomfort, schedule an appointment with us today. Talk to a vet at our animal hospital by contacting us at (817) 326-6262. You can also visit us in Granbury, TX. Schedule your pet’s surgical appointment today.


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