Making sure your pet has high-quality, safe care while you’re away is critical. Booking at All Creatures Animal Hospital will ensure your pet has both.

Read on to discover how boarding at our Granbury, TX, office will provide your pet with the best care possible.

What Is Pet Boarding? 

Pet boarding is when you leave your pet with professionals in an environment with other animals. These places provide your pet with a sleeping area, food, and water.

Depending on the facility, some pet boarding sites will either give your pet one-on-one attention and walks or allow your pet to play with others in the facility.

What Is Pet Daycare?

On the other hand, pet daycare is when you leave your animal at a facility for the daytime only. Pet daycare offers your pet a place to go during the day to avoid loneliness and destructive behavior. In addition, this service ensures that your pet receives attention, any needed medication, and outside time throughout the day.

Why Use Your Veterinarian for Pet Boarding?

While some pet owners opt for boarding facilities, using a veterinarian for your pet boarding has multiple benefits.

Your Pet Has Access to Medical Care

First, and most importantly, pet boarding through your veterinarian’s office ensures your pet has access to high-quality medical care if needed. Sometimes the stress of a new environment can cause our pets to go through medical distress.

A medical professional is available during hospital hours to respond and treat the illness in a timely manner. This can make all the difference to our pet’s health.

Pet Boarding Will Strengthen Your Pet’s Relationship with the Veterinarian 

Because pets usually only go to the veterinarian for routine procedures, and when they are sick, they don’t always have the best relationship with the office. However, if a pet has a repetitively positive experience at the vet’s office, it won’t usually get as stressed or fearful during regular visits.

Our Veterinarian Office in Granbury, TX, will Take High-Quality Care of Your Pet

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, our team promises to give your pet high-quality care and attention. Book with us today at our office in Granbury, TX, for a safe, healthy environment for your pet! Call (817) 326-6262 to get started.