If the thought of pet surgery has you on pins and needles, you are not alone. Pet surgery makes most pet owners quite nervous. Dr. Esposito and our team at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury have gathered a few common questions that we run into regarding our surgical procedures. We believe that the more you know about our services, you will be more at ease.

Why does my pet need surgery?

Pets may need surgery for various reasons. Spay and neuter surgeries prevent many unwanted health issues later in life as well as unwanted pregnancies. Internal injuries or broken bones from an accident require surgery to help your pet heal. Surgery is also needed for tooth extractions, tumor removals, and the removal of a foreign object that your pet has swallowed. Orthopedic surgery helps correct joint issues to improve your pet’s mobility.

How do I prepare my pet for surgery?

Our veterinarian in Granbury will discuss the surgery with you in advance and answer any questions you may have so you will know what to expect. Then we will schedule a date for the procedure. Don’t feed your pet any food for 12 hours before the procedure to avoid complications with the anesthesia and keep him calm as you bring him in for surgery.

Is anesthesia required for my pet’s surgery?

Most surgical procedures are done under anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. Anesthesia also keeps your pet still and calm so the vet can perform the surgery. Before using anesthesia, we will conduct tests to ensure your pet is in optimal health. We will use the safest, most effective means of sedating your pet and monitor his vitals throughout the procedure.

What should I expect for post-surgical care?

Depending on the type of surgery, your pet may be released for home care the same day, or we may recommend admission to a 24-hour care facility for overnight observation. AT discharge, we will provide instructions for home care. We provide pain medication to keep your pet comfortable during recovery. If you have any questions about his recovery, we are only a phone call away.

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