When you get a new pet, it is normal to be thrilled about the new addition to your home. Something you might not have thought much about are the necessary and helpful medical procedures your pet may need. All Creatures Animal Hospital understands the excitement of a new pet. We serve Granbury, TX, offering neuter and spay surgeries. If you still have questions about pet surgery, here's what you need to know:

What Does It Mean to Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Spaying or neutering a pet surgically removes that animal’s ability to reproduce. This means you will not have litters of kittens or puppies running around your house. Female pets have their reproductive organs, including the uterus and ovaries, removed. Male pets have their testicles removed.

When Should You Spay a Female Pet?

Your vet will likely recommend spaying your female pet before she goes into heat for the first time. This reduces the chances your pet will experience breast cancer and limits some unappealing pet behaviors.

Why Should You Neuter a Male Pet?

Many people do not think they need to neuter a male pet because he will not be able to produce litters on his own. There are a few reasons why you should still consider neutering your pet. Our veterinarian can provide you with information about the benefits of neutering your male pets, which include less aggression, less roaming, and less spraying.

When Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pets?

Your veterinarian at All Creatures Animal Hospital will work with you in developing an individualized plan that best meets the unique needs of your pet.

Book Spay or Neuter Surgery for Your Pets Today

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