Pet Anesthesia at All Creatures Animal Hospital

Pet owners sometimes express concern when they learn their pet must be put under anesthesia for a veterinary procedure. They fear the medication used may not be safe for their pet. However, veterinary anesthesia has evolved to a high degree of efficacy and safety. Our veterinarians have been thoroughly trained in the use of these drugs. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Granbury, TX, we offer pet anesthesia to keep our patients safe and pain-free.


Our Anesthesia Is Safe and Effective

Veterinary pharmaceutical companies perform rigorous testing on anesthesia drugs to ensure that they are safe and effective for pets. They provide detailed information on the amount and type of anesthesia needed for various sizes, breeds, and species of animals. You can be assured that our vets will carefully calibrate the amount of anesthesia to ensure it is suitable for the animal’s needs.

Anesthesia Can Be Used for Various Procedures

Your pet may need to be put under anesthesia for several purposes. Generally, anesthesia is administered for teeth cleaning and some x-ray testing that requires an animal to be very still. From spaying and neutering to eye or abdominal surgery, various types of surgery require anesthesia to keep the animals comfortable.

What Happens When Your Pet Is Put Under Anesthesia

Our vets will carefully evaluate whether your pet’s health is good enough to withstand being under anesthesia and undergoing a procedure. Generally, blood tests will be done to determine the pet’s state of health. While under anesthesia, your pet’s breathing and heart rate will be carefully monitored to detect any problems that might develop. After the procedure, our veterinary team will continue to monitor the animal to ensure he or she recovers from the procedure. You will be given instructions to follow to care for your pet when you bring him or her home, ensuring that the anesthesia has worn off completely.

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